Rotary Percussion Bits (RP Bits)

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Varel RP Series bits are based on the company’s highly successful line of RIDGEBACK® blast hole mining bits. RP bits are engineered to stand up to the demands of rotary percussion tools and maximize the performance available from rotary percussion systems drilling.


Reinforced Welds
Heavy duty welding process in the dome of the bit above the cones to enhance overall bit strength.

Enhanced Cutting Sturctures
Use of patented HET™ tungsten carbide inserts to provide for a toughened, impact resistant cutting structure.

Added Leg Support
Three peripheral plates each welded over the bit seams adjacent to the nozzle bosses to add structural strength to the RP series bits.

In combination these features make RP bits the best option for RPS applications.


For specifications, application solutions, and RP availability please contact your local Varel Mining and Industrial representative.