Pilot Hole Bits

Varel's pilot hole bits have been designed for the most demanding raise bore pilot holes and blind bore pilot holes. All pilot hole bits incorporate a premium sealed bearing system with pressure compensation for added durability.


Cooler Running Bearings
Advanced metallurgy with silver plated frictional elements to reduce heat generation and provide resistance to galling under high loads.

Engineered Bearing Seals
O-ring seals made from a proprietary HSN elastomer for long seal life.

Custom Cutting Structures
Blunt, dome-shaped inserts that provide a durable cutting structure for maximum crushing and chipping action and minimal wear. Conical and/or ovoid-shaped inserts are design for accuracy and gage holding.

Shirttail Protection
Extra hardmetal and carbide inserts in shirttail surface provide superior seal protection.


For specifications, application solutions, and Pilot Hole availability please contact your local Varel Mining and Industrial representative.